Good Fuel HydroCat

We have recently achieved exceptional results with our technical unit that has hydrocat technology inside. The first liters of fuel are made from

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HydroCat receives subsidy

By processing mixed waste streams into green oil, HydroCat contributes to the energy transition and the circular economy. That is why HydroCat has received a subsidy

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Our Vision: PACT2030

Together with our partners, we have developed a vision called PACT2030. In this vision, we believe that the energy transition and material transition are strongly interlinked, based on an integration of

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Unilever visits OBBOTEC SPEX

In November 2022 Unilever's Nutrition leadership team visited our lab- and pilot site to understand and discuss the opportunities of our SPEX technology, and see it in operation.

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SPEX Pilot Unit Commissioned

Proudly we announce that our SPEX pilot plant unit has been commissioned in November. We already have successfully tested a first run with plastic packaging foils. Currently,

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OBBOTEC interview New Business Radio

In Groene Groeiers, Glenn van der Burg spoke with Thor Tummers of Unilever, Wouter van Neerbos of Obbotec and Adri Bom, Deputy of the Province of South Holland, about the transactions in the field of plastic and recycling.

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