Driving Towards
a Circular World

The Solution
for Plastic Waste Recycling

OBBOTEC aims to make a significant contribution towards circularity of plastics and non-recyclable bio-and plastic waste streams. OBBOTEC particularly focuses on waste streams that consist of plastics (PP & PE) and a mix of biomaterials and plastics. Incinerating this waste stream generates CO2 emissions.



  1. Short recycling route, high yield and low CO2 footprint
  2. High (near virgin) quality plastic recyclate
  3. Direct from plastic to plastic, and sellable to converters


  1. Solids refinery, alternative for waste incineration 
  2. Supplies (partly biogenic) fuel from residual waste as a replacement for fossil raw materials
  3. Internal hydrogenation delivers high-quality, market-ready fuel

Towards a
Circular World

OBBOTEC was founded in 2018 with the aim to develop unique solutions for the reuse of bio and plastic waste streams. OBBOTEC's technologies were previously developed by inventor and chemical engineer Obbo Hazewinkel who worked in the petrochemical industry. With his inventions, plastics from waste streams can now be recycled at a high quality or transformed into a (partly green) fuel. OBBOTEC is the owner and incubator of these technologies and has developed two key operational applications. In this way, OBBOTEC contributes to a circular economy and a sustainable world.


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