Collaboration SPEX and Minéraux

SPEX Technologies and Minéraux announce their cooperation to develop Xafe, a clean, safe, and more sustainable solution for food and cosmetics packaging.

SPEX en Minéraux gaan een nieuw materiaal creëren voor plastic verpakkingen voor voedsel en cosmetica. Volledig gerecycled plastic door dissolutie – vrij van kleur, geur, weekmakers en andere verontreinigingen – gecombineerd met een veilige, TiO2-vrije wit pigment. Dat is Xafe!

Xafe will become the leading alternative of choice tor a growing group of ESG-minded brand owners and producers of food products and cosmetics. Discarded plastic packaging can become better then new. Cleaner, safer and with a lower environmental impact. A true alternative that combines the advantages of plastic packaging, such as a prolonged shelf life and reduced spillage without having to rely on virgin plastic resins. By eliminating titanium dioxide, Xafe will be white and opaque without containing a widely used chemical colorant that is considered both carcinogenic, reprotoxic and genotoxic. Xafe combines the unique knowledge and technologies of two Dutch companies that are true pioneers in their own right.

SPEX Technologies has a unique solution tor recycling plastics (PE & PP) that selectively extra cts PE and PP by dissolution trom a plastics-rich waste stream. SPEX cleans the plastic to near-virgin quality. Afterwards, it can be used within new, high-standard applications, such as plastic packaging.

Minéraux has developed RAUX~. a mineral alternative to titanium dioxide that is just as white and just as opa que. lts white pigment is non-hazardous and has a COrfootprint that is more than 50% lower than TiO2's footprint. This white pigment is uniquely suitable for application such as food and cosmetics packaging, toys and baby products, where the non-toxic and environmentallyfriendlier characteristics make it a must-use alternative.

The 'X' in Xafe symbolizes the shared strengths of SPEX and RAUX~. lt's a testament to what the new product does not contain, like contaminants, carcinogens, new plastics trom refineries, or a high COrfootprint. X stands for extraction; X marks the spot.

The development of Xafe by SPEX and Minéraux is facilitated by a grant received trom the Dutch province of ZuidHolland.

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