OBBOTEC receives grant from Kansen voor West / REACT EU

We are proud to announce that we are one of six companies that have received a subsidy from REACT EU / Kansen voor West. This subsidy helps us to scale up and valorise our Selective Plastic EXtraction (SPEX) process for HDPE waste streams from post-registered consumer waste. This will be done in a 1 kton demonstration plant that will process contaminated HDPE residual flows into clean, colorless recycled HDPE granules. In this plant the lessons from preliminary stages will be demonstrated in practice. The ultimate goal is a valorized SPEX process in which HDPE waste streams can be converted into (near) virgin granulate. The results from this project give rise to further scaling up towards commercial installations in collaboration with relevant chain parties.

For the entire article, visit Kansen voor West website.

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