JTF Fonds supports OBBOTEC SPEX Technology with a subsidy

The advanced SPEX recycling technology for the two most commonly used plastic types PE and PP have been validated in our lab and the pilot unit. Our innovative dissolution technique makes recycling of these plastics and multi-layer materials possible. The quality of the recycled plastic becomes as good as new. In order to do this on a large scale, OBBOTEC SPEX wants to develop a first industrial unit with lines of approximately 10 kt/year. OBBOTEC SPEX needs help to realize this unit.

That is why “JTF Fonds voor rechtvaardige transitie” will provide a subsidy of more than 1 million euros to SPEX for the SPEX circular plastics project. The aim of this project is to develop the plans to realize the first industrial unit. SPEX will also invest approximately one and a half million from its own resources in the project. 

The JTF subsidy allows us to continue developing the plans. We aim to start building the commercial demo unit in 2024. 

OBBOTEC thanks the JFT Fund for the support and confidence in the SPEX technology.

For more information about the JFT Fund, visit: https://jtf-rijnmond.kansenvoorwest.nl/over-jtf/over-jtf-rijnmond/


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