OBBOTEC interview New Business Radio

In Groene Groeiers, Glenn van der Burg spoke with Thor Tummers of Unilever, Wouter van Neerbos of Obbotec and Adri Bom, Deputy of the Province of South Holland, about the transactions in the field of plastic and recycling.

Imagine a world without plastics. That's not easy! Plastic is a particularly versatile material. For example, the use of packaging, but also as a bumper for your car. Still, it causes major problems. Huge amounts of plastic have entered our environment. The plastic soup in the oceans, but take a look even during a walk to the ground in the city, a park or forest. In addition, we naturally make plastic from oil. With all its consequences. Great and therefore great opportunities for entrepreneurs in recycling and bioplastic. In this episode we ask Unilever what their challenge is in the field of plastic and we look for a solution from innovative companies.

How do we leave the world to the next generations? Drought, land use, resource depletion and air pollution. Have we provided for these problems? You can hear this and more every month in the 'Groene Groeiers' program on New Business Radio.

Sustainability is indispensable. In our daily lives, in politics and of course in business. In Groene Groeiers, presenter Glenn van der Burg and various studio guests look for a match that leads to innovative processes, products and services that are sustainable and inclusive.

Every second Friday of the month between 11:00 and 12:00 you can hear Groene Groeiers on New Business Radio. In this radio program you hear the entrepreneurs involved, the sustainable solutions, inspiration and therefore 'the match'. Of not. Groene Groeiers is an entrepreneurial network of VNO-NCW, in which entrepreneurs take up sustainability challenges.

The program can also be listened back as a podcast via all known podcast platforms (including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts).


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