Legislation lags behind innovation

During the launch of the ‘Plastic Wijzer’ of the Afvalfonds, it became clear that legislation will have to be amended so that the 'near-virgin' grade plastic recyclate from OBBOTEC SPEX can be used for food packaging in the future.

 "As if there aren't enough challenges, the lack of sufficient innovative recycling processes also came up. Mechanical recycling is often not adequate, for example not to recycle packaging into food packaging, and the environmental impact of chemical recycling is high. The Afvalfonds for Packaging had deliberately organised the symposium at Obbotec for this purpose. This company has developed a process that allows PE and PP to be recycled back to 'near virgin' quality through dissolution. "But legislation lags behind this innovation because we can make food packaging with this, but it is not allowed yet," director Wouter van Neerbos told us. Hester Klein Lankhorst stressed the importance of having guts to develop new forms of recycling, which she said Obbotec has shown. "That’s what we need to move forward", she said.

Below is the video of the symposium with the launch of De Plastic Wijzer at OBBOTEC SPEX.

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