Allround pilot plant operator

OBBOTEC is an innovative technology start-up with the ambition to make a substantial contribution to solving the waste issue, in particular for the high-quality recycling of plastics. OBBOTEC has unique solutions for the plastic waste problem. With OBBOTEC-SPEX (Selective Plastic EXtraction), batchwise dissolution from a plastic-rich waste stream containing polyethylene (PE) and/or polypropylene (PP) is converted into reusable 'near-virgin' quality plastic. The OBBOTEC-HydroCat technique turns a mixed biomass-plastic waste stream into a largely biogenic fuel. Both technologies prevent waste incineration and thus improve the circularity of raw materials. In this way we contribute to a cleaner world with less waste and less CO2 emissions.

We are looking for an all-round operator for our SPEX pilot plant at Plant One in Rotterdam.

As pilot plant operator , you report to the technical director and work closely with the Plant One Rotterdam team to operate, optimize and further improve the dissolution process. You are responsible for the safe and correct operation of this unit and the operational management of those involved in the test. You will also be actively involved in various improvement and development projects within OBBOTEC.

Your core activities include:

  • Operating the pilot plant and managing the production process;
    • (help) draw up a test plan for tests to be performed,
    • preparing these tests,
    • safe start-up, normal operation and shutdown of the installation;
    • control, monitor, regulate and adjust the unit and process equipment,
    • taking samples and monitoring the quality of the end product,
    • performing simple analyzes such as color measurement,
    • maintaining and registering process parameters and production data,
    • regular maintenance aspects such as preventing and remedying leaks,
    • cleaning filters and assisting with maintenance work, provide input and contribute to improvement processes.
  • Ensuring safety and the environment – Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE) around the pilot plant;
    • conducting checks and patrolling work areas to ensure process safety and technical availability of the unit,
    • correcting dangerous situations around the pilot plant,
    • identifying, registering and reporting deviations,
    • implementing the HSSE and emergency organization,
    • maintaining and improving the HSE and emergency plan.
  • Organizing the supply chain activities around the pilot unit;
    • supply and storage of materials and solvents
    • disposal of end product and waste materials/flows,
    • supervising the loading/unloading of distribution vehicles,
    • internal transport of goods and materials with a forklift, and other logistics activities around the pilot unit,
    • registering stock, production data and the mass balance of the plant
    • taking care of the safety and environmental aspects (HSSE) in this regard
  • Supporting improvement projects around the pilot plant.
  • Administrative reporting and reporting of the above.

Who you are

Petro)chemical and/or process industry vocational training with at least three years of relevant work experience as a unit/plant operator; MBO level 3/4 (VAPRO B/C).
You have knowledge and experience with process technology and operations, preferably with an R&D component. You are a team player with a talent for organization, you are hands-on, flexible, and a creative problem solver with an eye for continuous improvement. At the same time, you have a high safety, health, environmental and quality awareness. You can handle confidential information and you are fluent in Dutch (oral and written) and you have basic skills in English. You have a VCA diploma, a forklift truck certificate and a BHV certificate or are willing to obtain this.

What we offer:

We offer a versatile and independent job in an innovative and young company with enormous ambition to make a significant contribution to the plastic waste problem.
And a competitive salary and development opportunities in a fast-growing market. This all-round pilot plant operator role is located at Plant One Rotterdam in the Botlek Rotterdam.

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